Roger Rose

Having joined the PCMNO as the Councillor for Region 5 in 2019, Roger Rose has been acclaimed for a second term in the position. Roger first became a MNO citizen in 2001 and joined the Mattawa Métis Council as Councilor in 2004. In 2010, he served two terms as Chair of the MNO Mattawa Métis Council and continues to serve as Chair for the Regional Consultation Committee.

With a background in mining, Roger’s experience makes him an ideal representative for the consultation work currently taking place with proponents. Roger has 30 years’ experience in Sudbury’s mining industry, has received numerous certifications in specialties like blasting and drilling, and served several years as Production Leader before retiring in 2004. He continues to leverage his industry knowledge and expertise in the ongoing consultation work with the MNO.

As Regional Councilor, Roger believes that advancing the self-government agreement with Canada is a priority for the next four years, and believes that open communication with Citizens throughout this process is paramount. He proposes an “open book” policy for dialogue taking place with Métis Councils in Region 5, so Citizens can be informed and engaged on each step of its development.

Roger currently resides in Rutherglen, ON with his wife Joyceline Rose –Senator of the MNO Mattawa Métis Council. His daughter holds the position of Secretary Treasurer for the Mattawa Métis Council, and his granddaughter is the Council’s Youth Representative. Both the Rose family and the MNO Mattawa Métis Council are frequently involved in the annual MNO Infinite Reach March Break Camps.